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  • Vicky Wilson

About me: my career change from banking to wellness.

I thought I’d share with you a bit about my background and why I completely changed my career from corporate banking to holistic wellness. How I went about this and what my life is like now.

Who am I?

I am Vicky a naturopathic nutritionist and homeopath. I fulfil many distinct roles. Primarily as a mum to two teenagers and my dog. I am a wife, a daughter, a friend, companion, and I love helping my clients.

Why did I re-train as a homeopath?

Since 1998 I worked in London in various banks and then in 2004 I went on maternity leave to have my daughter. I was ready to leave but they offered me work locally part time. Having a child changed my perspective and priorities. Being a mum came first but I knew that I wanted more, and banking did not fill the void. Before trying to conceive I’d been taking the contraceptive pill, antihistamines for hay fever, painkillers for headaches, indigestion pills, steroid creams for eczema etc.

Afterwards I felt as though my eyes had been opened to natural healing as we had opted for hypnobirthing, and I sought alternatives remedies for hay fever and painkillers, and we used a homeopathic birthing kit. I was lucky enough to experience a drug-free birth and the whole experience made me question my lifestyle choices. I decided to re-train as a homeopath so that I could help my family and others.

What training did I undertake?

I enrolled at CNM in London and my first year was focussed on anatomy and physiology and it was tricky to get back into a classroom mindset.

In September 2006, I embarked on a 4 year homeopathy degree and diploma at CHE, attending college in London at the weekends whilst juggling work and motherhood. My son arrived in 2008 and he had to fit into this lifestyle. I had a lot of ‘mum guilt’ around this time. Luckily, my husband and parents were incredibly supportive. I managed to complete my degree in June 2010 and graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Homeopathy. Such a proud and happy moment! I gradually grew my homeopathic practice working mainly evenings and weekends around my young family.

In 2016, I decided to consolidate and develop my nutrition knowledge and studied for a diploma in naturopathic nutrition. I completed my diploma in 2018 and we had a graduation ceremony in 2019. I re-branded my practice from MK Homeopath to Energise Health and Nutrition to include both disciplines.

Unfortunately, my dad was in and out of hospital that year and he passed away in October 2019. My practice and homelife were on hold for a few months and then covid hit. Through the power of zoom and networking I was able to keep my practice going.

What is my expertise and experience?

I have more life experience and knowledge than when I first qualified back in 2010. Nowadays, I love to help my clients with their health struggles using both nutritional therapy and homeopathy. Usually, they seek help for a problem but sometimes it is just to feel healthier or to prevent illness. Maybe after a relative has struggled. It is so rewarding to see how my client can change their lifestyle and feel much better and have more energy.

When I started my homeopathy practice, I was mainly helping mums and young kids as that was my life stage and personal experience. Now my focus has shifted more towards ladies over 40 who are struggling with perimenopause, menopause, weight gain and anxiety. It’s great to see the changes that people can make in a short time.

These days I am able to run my practise alongside supporting my teenage kids, dog walks, and maintaining my own health and fitness.

Watch out for future blogs sharing case studies of my clients’ journeys.

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