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A little bit about me...


First and foremost, mum to 2 teenagers and a fluffy dog


Since lockdown and I've started cycling too.


Well I try! I love ballet, yoga and pilates.


I am passionate about helping others regain their health.


I value downtime with my closest friends

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Vicky trained at the CNM, the UK’s leading training provider for Natural therapies. Click here for more details.

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I’m Vicky, and I’m passionate about helping women feel amazing over 40 – in fact, better than they did in their 20s and 30s – using a combination of naturopathic nutrition, homeopathy and lifestyle changes, that’s tailored to each woman’s unique needs.

I started my career in the world of banking, and discovered the natural power of the mind and body when I had my daughter, using hypnobirthing. I was fascinated by this, and decided to retrain as a homeopath. My son arrived in 2008, and he came along with me to college at weekends, until I achieved my BSc in 2010. I’ve been helping others to discover the natural power of homeopathy ever since, and I added Naturopathic Nutrition to my services when I achieved my diploma in 2018. 

Now I’m approaching 50, with two hormonal teenagers. Like everyone else I get tired, and life has its high and low points. Back in 2020, times were tough for me: I was overweight, anxious and coming to terms with the loss of my Dad. So I had to take my own advice: I changed my diet and lifestyle exactly as I would have advised a client to do. Now I’m fitter, stronger, and more ready to take on the day than I was in my 30s – and maybe even my 20s. I’m living proof that you can feel healthy and more energised in your 40s than ever before, through menopause and beyond. 

Time and again throughout my life I have seen the awesome power that good food, natural remedies and even the smallest lifestyle changes can have over health – and how important the right balance is for physical and mental wellness, inside and out. I love showing other women how much more their lives can hold for them, by making natural changes they can incorporate easily into their lives, and sustain over time.

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As a self-confessed workaholic I had spent years neglecting my diet and fitness, instead relying on caffeine and youth to keep me going! As I find myself slowly creeping towards middle age (with an ever growing middle), I found that my bad eating habits were leaving me tired, sluggish and my sleep pattern was all over the place. I thought that it was about time I addresses this issue, before I started causing myself some real issues! I was a bit nervous about reaching out for help, as I knew it was self-inflicted and didn’t want the extra burden of someone else’s judgement! I shouldn’t have worried. From my first meeting with Vicky I was made to feel comfortable. I was upfront about my limited finances and my worry about being able to fit in a healthy lifestyle. Vicky tailored a programme to suit my needs, making it simple for me to follow and empowering me to feel like I was able to complete this challenge. I felt the difference in my energy levels almost immediately after following Vicky’s suggestions, and I have never looked back! I won’t say that it has been easy – its tough to break years of bad habits and there are slips, but with patience and understanding Vicky has helped me to feel so much better in myself now, and set me up for a healthier future. I cannot recommend her enough.

Kelly (35 Year Old Office Worker)

On behalf of our Menopause group, we would very much like to thank you for your helpful and insightful talk last Wednesday. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from the group and I think we all took away some poignant hints and tips.

We hope to be able to invite you back in the next financial year.

Sarah Jones

Vicky you ARE amazing! Will’s warts have completely gone from his hands and his Verrucas seem to be on their way out! He’s having to take antibiotics at the moment for his ingrowing toenail but as soon as we finish those on Tuesday he’ll take his probiotics, which have arrived. Thank you soooo much! His energy seems better too.


Vicky has helped me so much, I look at food in a healthier way and have lost weight and feel so much better. I did the six week fat loss challenge with Vicky and coach Kelly and have lost 15 pounds! Plus Inches everywhere!

Google review left by Louise Burnop for the 6 week plan with Kelly

Vicky has been helping me with long-standing allergy symptoms and I’ve found her to be attentive, knowledgeable and helpful. We’re currently working on a second round of remedies after assessing my reaction to the first set and I’m confident we’re on the road to success which is unbelievable after struggling for so long. Thank you Vicky

Fiona McCabe

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